Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clickatell's Redemption

Recently, I wrote a post regarding a bad experience I had with the SMS Gateway provider Clickatell.

I just wanted to put out an update now to let those of you who are considering Clickatell for your SMS needs know the resolution of the matter. On 04/10/2008, a manager at Clickatell contacted me directly by phone to apologize for the problems I'd had while working with them, and to make sure my refund was provided as requested. In return, I retracted my complaint with the Better Business Bureau, so everything has turned out fine, and I appreciate the fact they were willing to do that.

That being said, I do want to give a quick plug to Upside-Wireless. This is the service I'm working with right now, and their customer service has been much better than what I experienced with Clickatell overall. When I had a latency problem about a week after I'd switched to them (messages were suddenly taking 20 minutes to deliver), they were quick to respond and got it fixed with no extraneous pleading or cajoling on my part. This could, of course be due to chance: Perhaps I was just unfortunate enough to be paired with clickatell's WORST customer service rep when I was working with them, while simultaneously being lucky enough to get helped by Upside-Wireless's star performer. I certainly don't think that Clickatell could have the kind of customer service that I experienced with them be very common or else they'd be out of business by now, so I probably just fell through the cracks to some disgruntled employee. Nevertheless, the anecdotal evidence shown thus far means that I will stick with Upside-Wireless for now.

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