Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taking the Plunge

So here's the official public announcement: I quit my day job as of last thursday, and will be working full time on the startup I've been talking about from the 24th onward. This was a pretty big step, you see, because I was bringing in a lot of income from my software consulting job at an insurance company, and now that's over. In a way that's kind of scary, but at the same time it's also motivating: nothing breeds competancy like necessity. So those of you who are regular readers, expect to see more posts on the care-and-feeding-of-startups in the near future. Wish me luck.


Peter Christensen said...

Good luck Ethan! I expect good things from you.

James Carr said...

Wow... that's a little scary, but then again nothing is truely gained without taking a little risk. Best of luck Ethan!

alex said...

I wish you best luck.

I did the same years ago and did not feel any regrets.