Monday, November 22, 2010

Tag-it 0.3.1 is released!

If you've been a consistent reader, you know that last month I released a new gem called "tag-it" to interface with RFID receivers and the tags that come into range with them. Today, there's a new version with a new feature.

In version 0.2.x, there was 1 primary class for continually monitoring a port for tag events. This doesn't do everything I wanted though, because in some cases I really just needed to know what tags were in range at one precise instant. The long-running class really wasn't a good fit, so there's a new class available called TagIt::TagSnapshot which has a "shoot!" method that returns an array of the tag-names currently found:

  require "tag_it"
  port ="/dev/tty.yourport",{:baud=>9600})
  snapshot =
  tags = snapshot.shoot!
  # => ["1nri","1okD","1nrP"]
Get the latest:

  gem install tag-it

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